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I Only Kiss Werewolves

Werewolves and other werecreatures (colloquially know as "thropes") have existed for as long as people can remember, in every group of people on the planet. Although the exact number varies from place to place, they usually form around 1-3% of any given population. Many have no control over their changes, turning into their bestial forms with any heightened emotion. Some have learned to control their passions and subsequent changes, choosing to rarely (or never) change, so as to fit into society better. Some revel in their bestial forms, some are ashamed, some accept it and don't think of it any further.

But all are different from the rest of humanity.

In I Only Kiss Werewolves, you play as a werecreature who has just moved to the city from a small town and is trying to find a place in the thrope community. Thropes have only very recently been granted full legal rights equal to those of everyone else and there is a lot of uncertainty as to how society will react. Being a queer thrope just makes it even harder to find a place in two different communities.

The 2-person game (one GM, one player) takes place over the course of the player's first few months in the city, as they learn, explore, and settle in.

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